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Flying Knights Newsletter

2001 Second Quarter

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Once again the mix of planes ran the gamut from zero engines (simple gliders) to four engined bombers.

Speaking of wheels, the retractable gear on Harry Kleindinst's amphibian homebuilt really worked!

Saturday and Sunday afternoon was once again, Delta Dart time. This immensely popular program introduces model building to young people.

Knight volunteers guided little fingers in the art of turning egg cartons into airplanes.

Hugh Spears was the intrepid test pilot, making sure that no child took home a plane that wouldn't fly.

The not quite finished B-29 was a standout. The retractable under-carriage was extremely realistic.

All of the knight's who took time from their busy schedules to help make this show successful, can take pride in a job well done.  

Frequency Stats

The Knights would like to compile a list of the frequencies used by our club. Members will soon be asked to provide this information on each transmitter that they use.

Statistical information would be used to inform prospective radio buyers of the frequencies in use by the club.

Few things are more aggravating than going to the field with an hour to fly and finding four transmitters on your frequency.

Les presents club hat to new member, Greg Achtyl 

Curtis & Calvin Wilburn display
their trainer.