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Flying Knights Newsletter

2001  First Quarter

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Jim Devlin - Tim Ellis


    December 8th was the night of the Flying Knights Annual Christmas Party for the year 2000.

Traditionally this is the night that we elect a new slate of officers and board members to serve the upcoming year.

This year the meeting seemed to be going extremely smoothly. Having the usual business quickly dispensed with, the

Filipiak will occupy the offices of President and vice-president for 2001.

Stu Brierly and John Newman continue in the capacity of secretary and treasurer, as well.

In regard to the positions of Board Members, Jim Pravel will continue with his present term. Les Hanks, George Northem and Herb Horni will retire.

 task of the election began.

With an unsuprising dearth of nominees, it became increasingly evident that the present slate of officers were considering continuation in office.

With little fanfare, the membership gave quick approval and a collective sigh of relief.

This was an excellent choice, as the present officers had served in an outstanding manner for the previous year, and the membership felt that they could hardly be improved upon.

So, Ron Partacz and Tom

They will be replaced by Don Black, Ron Wojcik and Bob Waldraff for the upcoming year.

It was impressive. The election went so quickly that the pizza never skipped a beat.

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