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Flying Knights Newsletter

2001 First Quarter

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  One of the factors that played a large part in the desire of our present officers to serve another term had to be the cooperation and support of the membership in carrying out a successful array of events throughout the year.

As Ron said, "Member participation makes his job easy." That sentiment will be echoed by all of the officers and members of the board as our club heads off into the coming year.

Web Update

Mall Show

This years mall show will be held at the McKinley Mall on March 9,10, and 11th. Last years show was well received by the public.

Of special interest was the Delta Dart program. This is a "hand's on" building program where club members interface directly with young people who show an interest in aviation.

It is an excellent expression of cooperation between the mall, the club and the public. 

Our Web site has moved to a new location on the World Wide Web.

Origionally designed by Tom Filipiac, who also served as webmaster for the last several years, the site is now being operated by Stu Brierley.

The 'webmaster' is the person who is responsible for maintaining the site.

Anyone with a computer (or access to a computer) can visit the website and peruse the material contained there.

As an example, many of the pictures of our last scale rally are available for anyone to enjoy.

There are sections that tell about the history of our club and lots of links to other club web sites as well as to the AMA.

The new address is:  

Parents and children alike share quality time in building the small models. Watching a child's eyes light up when he or she sees the model that they themselves built, actually fly is a most rewarding experience.

Mall shows provide an opportunity to show off the planes that we have worked hard on during the winter season.

The show is also an excellent forum for educating the public favorably about our hobby. 

Often the display contains a unique theme exhibit, such as Tom Filipiac's perennial WWII presentation complete with period sounds.

Plan on putting that special plane of yours on display along with the rest of your club members and help make the 2001 Mall Show the best in our history.