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                       By Ron Wojcik



By now many of you have seen our new shelter at North Collins.

It is a great addition that will enhance use of the field for many years

to come. As a member of the shelter committee, it was a real pleasure

to work side by side with all of our great members who came out to

help. You did a GREAT JOB!!


I want to give my personal thanks to the other committee members, Bob Waldruff Chuck Schummer, Greg Achtyl, who committed themselves to time and labor, that made this project a success.


Also, I request any member who has not met or talked with our new member, Greg Achtyl to do so. He is a great young man (dresses funny) and a tremendous worker, who was out there from start to finish. Members of this club should commit themselves to insure that Greg becomes a great pilot. (His parents must be proud.)