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* Club meetings are held every 3rd Friday - 7:30 PM at St. James Church, Main St., Hamburg, NY. (Summer meetings are held at one of our flying fields)

* Board meetings are held the Tuesday before the Friday club meeting - location is at a Club Officers or Board members house.

* We have four Club Officers, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and four Board Members.   We also have a Newsletter Editor / Assistant Editor

* "The Knight Flyer" Newsletter is published quarterly. (March. June, Sept. & Dec.)

* Meeting notice cards are sent to all members the Wednesday before the Tuesday Board   Meeting. If you would like to be notified of the next   meeting date please email our newsletter editor, he will  be glad to send you a notice in the mail.

* Two Flying Sites:

                            1.) Nike Base-Owned by the Town of Hamburg, Maintained by the Town of  Hamburg,
                             2.) North Collins-Owned and Maintained by The Flying Knights.

* After our business Meeting we have demonstrations, talks, etc.

* Flight instructors and building help is always available from one of our members.

* Libraries:

1.) Video Tapes - we have over 100 tapes members can borrow free of  charge.

2.) Books - Members can borrow books free of charge.

*   Functions:
-Club Fun Fly

-Club Chinese Auction                                -Flying Knights Auction

-Mall Show - Static Display                         -Club Christmas Party

-Flying Knights Scale Rally                          -Misc. Others

*   Show Circuit:

-RCCR Fun Fly-June                                 -Phelps Fun Fly-July

-Bath Rally-June                                        -Flying Knights Rally-August

-STARS Scale Rally-July                           -Kitchner Scale Rally-Sept.