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1 Model Four Stroke Engines
2 Model Airplane News Plans Directory
3 There Are No Secrets
4 Flying Scale Models of WWII
The "Crashless" Way To Advanced Radio Control Flying
6 How To Build And Fly Radio Control Gliders
7 Giant Steps
8 Building Big Is Beautiful
9 The Advanced Guide To Radio Control Sport Flying
10 The R/C Engine
11 Basics Of Radio Control Modeling
12 R/C Modeler Magazine's Flight Training Course  Vol. I
13 R/C Modeler Magazine's Flight Training Course Vol. II
14 Foam Wings
15 Scale In Hand
16 Designing And Building Composite R/C Model Aircraft
17 Basics Of Radio Control Helicopters
18 Military Aircraft Today
19 Avro Lancaster In Unit Service
20 Shark Mouth 1916-1945
21 The Role Of The Fighter In Warfare
22 Davis  - Monthan Air Force Base
23 Pilots Flight Operating Instructions   C-46  C-46a  C-46d & R5C-1
24 United States Air Force Museum
25 Combat Aircraft
26 The Encyclopedia Of Model Aircraft
27 The Guinness Book Of Air Facts And Feats
28 How To Make And Fly Paper Airplanes
29 The First Submarines
30 The Metric Manual
31 Odd Shaped Flying Objects.  Plans for stop signs etc.
32 Calspan Information
33 United States Air Force Fact Sheets

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