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Flying Knights Newsletter

1999 Second Quarter

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        Modelers in the Western New York area will remember the years when John Grigg represented our concerns, first on the local level and ultimately as the President of the AMA.
        John flew for many years at the flying field on Day Rd. as a member of the Niagara flying club. He then represented the area as VP of District II.
       When he was elected to the office of AMA President, he was fortunate to participate in two trips around the world, including Russia and China during the Cold War years, to represent U.S. Modelers and to see first hand what modelers from other countries were doing.
        He often visited the area clubs, including the Flying Knights, for award presentations and to talk about his experiences.
        Many of the knights will remember when John tried to launch one of his gliders behind a tow plane at one of our scale rallies.
        John died of cancer several years ago.
        A dinner will be held on Saturday, May 22 to honor his induction into the AMA hall of Fame.
        Dinner at 6:00 PM, Cash bar at 5:30 PM. knights who would like to attend this event, return the coupon below.


        After getting the cold shoulder from the "powers that be" at McKinley Mall last year, the Knights again knocked on their door.
        The response was a bit more positive.
        The membership discussed participating , as long as it occurred early enough. It was decided that if the show would be later than May, we would defer until next year.


        The annual Flying Knights club fun-fly is to be held on Sunday May 16 th. As usual the site for this event will be the Knight's field in North Collins off Shirley Road.
        George Gard, Le presidente, headed this event last year and it was so successful he has volunteered to do so again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
        Bring your plane, your lunch and your family for the day.


        Discussion was carried out at the 2/26 meeting regarding the tickets that the club distributed to members as a reward for participating in club activities. A ticket was usually earned for bringing a plane to the meeting. Five tickets would be earned for putting on a demo.
Participation in the mall shows got a ticket per plane. 

Please reply before May 13
Buffet dinner, $16.00/person
Name (s) attending:  
Send reply and 
check to : 

Marlene Nikodem
407 Willow St.
Lockport, NY 14094
(716) 434-8350