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Flying Knights Newsletter

2000  First Quarter

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Jim Devlin - Tim Ellis

Christmas Party '99

       The Flying Knights Christmas Part '99 filled the St. James Church hall with food, fun, and flyers on the night of Friday, December 17th.
Forty-five people risked nomination to attend the annual event, and their efforts paid off.
       The Knights had been asked to bring desserts to accompany the traditional pizza and wings, and most members did.
       The nominations went over pretty smoothly, with one exception. The Secretary's seat remained open at the end of the meeting prior to the party, and it appeared that without drastic measures the seat would remain vacant going into the new Millennium.
       In this case, "drastic measures" amounted to a hostage situation - the incumbent president, Mr. George Gard, as his final act in the office, held the members in the meeting for almost half and hour, with the scent of rapidly cooling pizza wafting over the crowd. 
       Needless to say, this tactic did yield results and, finally, Mr. Stuart Brierley volunteered for the position. The hungry Knights appreciated his sacrifice, 
and thanks go out to him and all the volunteers for leadership positions. They are listed on the back of this newsletter. (Note: the President and Vice-President positions were filled by a "campaign coalition", consisting of Mr. Ron Partacz and Mr. Tom Filipiak.) 
       (Well, more accurately, Mr. Partacz refused to take on Presidential responsibilities unless Mr. Filipiak would ...ummm..."volunteer" with
       In a gesture appropriate in this Christmas season, the meeting was closed with a gift for Matty Partacz, who's help at the auction and the rally was greatly appreciated. He received a model truck which was surreptitiously filled with quarters by appreciative Knights as the party went on. Thanks again, Matty. 
       All told, the party and meeting went over quite well. The food was good, the desserts were good, the meeting was good - and best of all, no more nominations till next year! This party was an excellent close to a fun, exciting, and productive year for our hobby - hopefully this upcoming year will be as good.

Old Rheinbeck

       Your editor while on vacation in Sept. happened to stop at the mother of all old airplane places, ‘‘Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome’’ just outside of Kingston, NY.
       Over 100 models were on display.
        Prior to the show, the modelers were given the opportunity to fly and most did.
        The Flying Knights, in the early years, as this writer vaguely recalls, used to go on excursion's to Rhinebeck to attend a meet there.
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