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Flying Knights Newsletter

2000 First Quarter

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        Old Doc. Meyers, Norm McCormack, and Vern Krabel of VK Models used to be among some of the attendees. Some of our present members such as Gerry Piscatello and Bill Eberhart have a number of stories to tell about the great times there.
        But I digress. My experience was not so much the models, but the presence of the really old airplanes that made their 


home at ‘‘Old Rhinebeck’’.
       Who could not be impressed at the sound of a LeRhone rotary engine, the sight of a Fokker D-VIII diving out of the sky or the sight of a ‘‘Bleriot’’, the first plane to cross the English Channel, making a pass across the field.
       Seeing these full scale aircraft, actually flying brought to life images of a time long ago and far away.



Fun-fly introduces
Scouts to flying

        Sunday, October 3rd was a brisk autumn day. Despite the overcast skies a good number of Knights gathered at the North Collins field to take part in the first ever Fun-fly with training wheels.
        The Boy Scout troops of Angola and West Valley were guests of the knights. Each scout was introduced to the sport of model flying and actually took the controls for portions of several flights.
        Using the club Buddy Box, each scout was given control of a trainer aircraft for a portion of the flight.
        Club Instructors handled the task of placing the planes in the air and ensured that safety prevailed. Even the Scout leaders were given a chance to actually fly an RC aircraft.
        The members also brought advanced models and even some scale 

aircraft to demonstrate the finer aspects of the hobby.
        After everyone had an opportunity to see and fly, the Knights put on a picnic lunch of Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Roast Beef. Plenty of desserts were brought out to the field.
       The scouts a great time and really appreciated the chance to actually fly one of the models instead of just looking on while someone talked abut it.
        No major mishaps occurred, however Tom’s Corsair made a rough landing. Stu Brierley demonstrated the electric flying wing. Even your editor got a chance to try electric flight.
        The late afternoon turned quite cold but by then everyone had their flights in and their Stomachs full.
        On leaving, the word was that the event was a super success and definitely a ‘‘go’’ for next year.