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Flying Knights Newsletter

2000 First Quarter

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Successful Auction

       The Flying Knight’s Auction was held Sept. 25th. The hall of Trinity Lutheran School was filled with eager Modelers seeking that elusive bargain.
       Our own multi-dement... dimensional Tom Filipiak at the last minute took over the awesome task of Auctioneer.
       He did an excellent job, handling the many items that were put up for auction and kept the pace moving all afternoon. If you kept your eyes and ears open, there were many good items to bid on.
       There were engines and airplanes of all descriptions on the table. More publicity is in the offing for next year.
       An auction flyer had been included in the mailings for the Rally.

Mall show in the works

       Tentative plans are being made for a show at the McKinley Mall in late February or early March. After several failed attempts, due to what seemed to be a lack of interest on the mall's part, the club may finally have an opportunity to put on a show.
        Members were polled as to their feelings on the situation with McKinley. Sometimes it felt that we weren’t really wanted there.
        The new management, has however, portrayed a much more accommodating
        The members felt that having a show in our home town is a worth while endeavor so it looks like we will be going ahead with plans for a show.
        Our show last year at the Eastern Hills Mall was quite well attended in spite of the travel distance involved. All those who participated seemed to have enjoyed it.
        McKinley has not yet been cast in concrete, but having the Mall show closer to home would be a big advantage.
        The next several meetings will determine whether we have a go or not.

Our New Website

        The Flying Knights have been on the Internet for about a year now. Tom Filipiak, our venerable webmaster has maintained the site, posting numerous pictures of many of the events that we have participated in over the last year.
        One of the features of having a website is that we can maintain links with other clubs around the world and in our own back yard.
        The RCCR club maintains a very extensive site. The AMA also has a site.
        Those who have computers can look at the many pictures that we have of our events. There are pictures of the mall show and of our scale rally.
        By being able to access our fellow club sites, we can see the many activities that they are engaged in. Quite possibly they may plan to host an event that we are very interested in.
        We'd never hear about it by other means. We already have many modelers from neighboring states and Canada who come to our Scale Rally.
         Perhaps new modelers from these areas are looking over our rally scenes and deciding that they might like to come next year.
        A great deal of information exists on the many sites to which we are linked.
        Our old address, however has changed. The entire site has been transferred from "Froggernet" to the Adelphia network.
        Our new address is: Enter this address directly after the protocol, http://. No "www" however.
       The entire address should look like this:
       Also note the page entry. It is flyknights, not flyingknights.
       Make this one of your favorites, you won’t have to type it in again.
       We also have a new e-mail address. It is: