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Flying Knights Newsletter

2000 Second Quarter

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I will not fly my model aircraft in competition or in the presence of spectators until it has been proven to be airworthy by having been previously, successfully flight tested.

I will not fly my model higher that approximately 400 feet within 3 miles of an airport without notifying the airport operator.
I will give right-of - way and avoid flying in the proximity of full-scale aircraft. Where necessary, an observer shall be utilized
to supervise flying to avoid having models fly in the proximity of
full scale aircraft.

       Where established, I will abide by the safety rules for the
flying site I use, and I will not willfully and deliberately fly my models in a careless, reckless and/ or dangerous manner.

       I will not fly my model unless it is identified with my name and address or AMA number, on or in the model.

Radio Control.

I will have completed a successful radio equipment ground range check before the first flight of a new or repaired model.

       I will not fly my model aircraft in the presence of spectators until I become a qualified flier, unless assisted by an experienced helper.

I will perform my initial turn after takeoff away from the pit or
spectator areas, and I will not thereafter fly over the pit or spectator areas, unless beyond my control.

I will operate my model using only radio control frequencies currently allowed by the FCC.