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Flying Knights Newsletter

2000 Third Quarter

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Boulevard Mall Show Fizzles

        Early in January, the club decided to get involved in the Boulevard Mall Show. This has been a great show and the Knights have placed a gallery of pictures on their web site for last years event.
       On Monday before the show, Paul Schwartz of the Wing and Rotors, was
surprised by the mall personnel who suddenly informed him that there would be a limit of ten tables which they would supply. Even worse, they told him that there would be a financial commitment for vinyl covers for the tables to the tune of $400 each.
        The Mall refused to back down, so there was really no recourse but to cancel the entire event. Paul called Ron who then activated the phone tree to inform all of the Knights of the cancellation.
        Our flying clubs are non-profit. They exist for the recreation and enjoyment of the members. A Mall show is an opportunity to generate good will in the neighborhood, show off our handiwork and perhaps spark an interest in aviation among young people or touch a memory in the older people who remember when.
        No one seems to know exactly what the mall was thinking of or whether
there will ever again be a model airplane show at the Boulevard Mall.

Aircraft Spotted

Stealth fighter

        The stealth fighter on the model table appeared poised for an imminent
strike. Except for the prop on the front, which brought the usual comment, it was a fine looking specimen.
        Another comment that popped up was that it might be invisible to the radio signal. But Jim Pravel sloughed off all the envy generated patter and described how he built it from scratch plans. Definitely
a superb job.
Electric Shock
        Don Chudyk showed off his green and yellow Electric pseudo Glider.
This baby is fast! As Don explained, it sports a brushless motor, (the pricey kind) along with a 4:1 gear box.

 Eyebrows went up when Don mentioned that the motor turned at 28,000. He quickly pointed out that with a 4:1 gear ratio the prop actually turned over at a leisurely 7000 rpm. 
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pieces of equipment.

        As the aircraft industry grew, it became necessary to know precisely where one was flying and how long it would take to get to their destination.
        He mentioned how the pilots when they finished delivering the plane, were responsible for their own way back to the factory.
        Their salary didnít cover all of their expenses. If they made a mistake while going, they ended up paying for it on the way back.

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