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From Bob "Uncle Bobby" Rodgers'

Airplane Factory


For many years Bob Rodgers has been having people over for late night building sessions.    Building just about anything you can think of.   But in particular  Bob has a soft spot for larger size planes.

Shown here are just a few of the latest to come from his Factory.  Just about every year several 1/3 scale extras and lasers have been built for Bob to take to the auction in Toledo.

Of course we couldn't let other people have all the fun, so we had to keep a few of them around for ourselves.


The picture above is one of me working in a corner of Bob's basement on one of the older style extras.   To the right is Frank Shattuck and myself with a pair of "Uncle Bobby specials"

Below is a pic at my favorite time....  getting ready for the maiden voyage... >gulp<    

But as you can see from the last set of pictures, she flew great!

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