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Flying Knights Newsletter

2001 Second Quarter

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Many strange objects have been brought into our meetings at the Flying Knights over the years.

Perhaps one of the strangest were the blimps brought in and flown by Herb Horni.

Our earstwhile treasurer ponders the 
choices during chinese auction. 


These craft are ideally suited to indoor flying.

Caution Advised on Computer Radios

Filled with helium, they float gracefully above the heads of the members. Control is achieved with an undercarriage that sports three propellers.

New fliers intending to use a computer radio, who also plan to use a "buddy box" while learning to fly, should make certain that the trims on their radio are set to 100%.

This would ensure that when control is transferred to the "buddy box" the trims are not reduced and the plane will remain in trim.

The trims on your trainer should be set the old fashioned way, by using the clevises.

Later, when you no longer need the "buddy box" the radio  controls can be used as intended.  

Two propellers are mounted side by side and face fore and aft. They control the forward motion of the blimp and are reversible.

Backwards seemed to be necessary, since the blimp would often get itself into places where forward was no longer an option.

Orv Wins New Dremil Tool

RCM's Hints & Kinks award for Jan. 01, 

went to our own Orv Chatwood for his "epoxy oven".
A neat way to keep epoxy soft while you are working with it.