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Flying Knights Newsletter

2001 First Quarter

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tangled fur ball of wooden shards.

However, one of our members, and only one had the nerves of steel and the eye of an eagle to have succeeded where so many before him had met with failure.

Somewhere between the pizza and the cookies, Stu Brierley took center stage with the presentation of a couple of prestigious awards. 

The object is to thread your airplane through the wires at the North Collins site, something that Stu himself, claims to have attempted but never accomplished.

Like the Stanley Cup of Hockey, this year's "Scud" award was presented in absentia to Les Hanks, who in a 'senior moment' partially threaded his airplane through the aforementioned wires.


New for 2K

The second award is new this year.

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Awestruck champ

Our silver tongued emcee described the super human efforts that must be met to qualify for these high honors.

The first was given for a feat that takes superb coordination and an excellent perception of depth, qualities that define the stature of the best RC pilots.

This award is presented each year to that one flier whose feat of daring-do verges on the brink of the impossible, often resulting in a spectacular and instantaneous reduction of a fine airplane to a