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Flying Knights Newsletter

2001 First Quarter

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Orchard Park, he constructed an outdoor model railroad that would make any serious railroader envious.

The tracks wander though a scenic wonderland composed of a pond and surrounded by artificial hills of vegetation.

Every spring, Bob sets up the rails, and neighborhood children as well as his own seven grandchildren come to watch the trains as they puff their way around the tracks.

This display alone is well worth a visit.

Building frenzy

But the real story here is the seemingly endless construction of gigantic aircraft. One can expect to see one or more of these huge 

models on display at any regular members meeting.

Bob does all of his model building in the basement of his home. The bones of numerous models yet unfinished hang from the ceiling and rest on several large tables

Every Monday night Bob works on the models, often into the wee hours of the morning. He estimates that he spends about 20 hours a week on airplanes.

Over the years, a number of Knights have joined Bob on his building sessions.

On any given Monday night one could find the likes of Jim Landis, George Gard and Anthony Lopez working late into the evening.

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