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Flying Knights Newsletter

2001 First Quarter

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Cont. from page 5

Frequent visitors also included the late Ray Barren and John O'Connell.

Builders welcome
Bob's door is always open for anyone who would like to put in some quality building time.

His address and phone are listed in our club roster.

At the moment Bob estimates that there are 18 aircraft under construction or built. Among these are a six foot Folker DR-1, a 141 inch B-29 bomber and a 101 inch A-26 attack aircraft.

Also in the works are a 101 inch P-61 Black Widow, two 101 inch B-25 fighter-bombers and two 111 inch Piper Cubs.

Presently, Stu Brierley, Frank Shattuck and Hugh Spears are working with Bob on a huge twelve foot DC-3.

The two B-25's are 1/8 scale and weigh 36 pounds. They are powered by two Quadra 42's and feature retractable landing gear.

The B-29 has a target weight of 35-40 pounds and will be

powered by 4 OS- 91 4-stroke engines.
It features a Century retract gear.

What's next?

The equipment list for these aircraft reads like a modeler's wish list, so, you might ask what Bob does for a paying job? Well, he spends the remaining 40 hours of the week as a property damage estimator for State Farm.

Oh, and Bob's wife is not a "model widow". She has her own hobbies and is a serious collector of crackle and depression glass.

She and Bob both share in taking care of that outdoor garden railroad in the back yard.

What's next for these giant scale aircraft?
Well, you're sure to see one or more of them at our upcoming McKinley Mall Show.

Bob's plan is to have four of them flying at the same time this coming summer.

Also, in the wings, (no pun intended), for this summer season, is the huge B-29.

I'm looking for a good used engine for an upcoming project.

75-90 size 2-stroke

Call Dave Kobie         337-0342