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Flying Knights Newsletter

2001 First Quarter

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2001 dues are due !

Our Treasurer wants to remind you that Membership Dues MUST be received BEFORE February 2, 2001 or you will be dropped from the Club Membership Roster. Please use the form to renew your membership in the Flying Knights.


NAME_______________________                        AMA # ________________

ADDRESS _____________________________                       R___ J___ L___

CITY _________________________          STATE _____            ZIP _______

PHONE # _____ - _____ - ______________                         $__________.___

John Neuman
45 Columbus Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14220 
Junior ...........$25.00
Make check payable to:
The Flying Knights 

* Copy of 2001 AMA card
*This form
*Your payment 

Cont. from page 3

As Stu painfully explained, several of the knights delved into the art of night flying, wherein one attaches a glowing tube to the leading edge of the models wing.

Unknown Flying Object

Actually it is a beautiful sight as the illuminated aircraft wends its way through the darkened sky.

The plane is perfectly visible.
Alas, that's not the problem.

 Nothing else is visible!

Like, "Where did that $%#*&^ tree come from?"

Well, you guessed it. Ron Partacz's *plane thonked into the tree along the edge of the Nike Field, and there it sot, till dawn and the start of the Scale Rally.

Perhaps, the glowing tubes should have been placed on the tree instead.

The 'Zagi in the tree' award was won, hands down, by Ron Partacz.

*unfortunately it wasn't Ron's plane, but Stu Brierley's...amazing how long it kept glowing though....