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Flying Knights Newsletter

2000 Second Quarter

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Does plane balance correctly, slightly nose heavy?
Do control surfaces move in the correct direction?
No visible tears or cracks.
No pinched radio wires.
Does aircraft have proper identification?


Are wing bolts secure?
Are Aileron hinges pinned?
Is the Aileron linkage tight?
Is covering tight with no visible tears?

Rudder/ Elevator

Are control horns secure?
Are hinges pinned.
Is covering secure with no tears or cracks?


Prop nut or spinner is required, are they tight?
Are the engine and engine mount securely attached to fuselage?
Is cowl secure? Is prop correctly attached?
Does throttle operate over full range? Idle to Maximum.

Landing gear:

Gear firmly attached to fuselage.
Wheel collars secure?


Are control horns secure?
Are clevises in good shape?
Does each clevis have a keeper?


All components securely mounted? Are all screws tightened.
Are all connectors attached and secure?
Are electronics shock mounted and fuel protected.
Are batteries fully charged?
Has radio been fully charged?
Has radio been range checked?
Are both receiving and transmitter antenna properly extended?